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Milargro Construction was established in 2017. We are a quality-focused construction service provider serving the whole Canada market. We take pride in our extensive experience in handling building projects total over 300,000 square feet, and our commitment to delivering high-quality construction projects for over 500 of our clients.


We build everything for People.

The name Milargro means "Miracle" in Spanish, which reflects our company's pursuit of quality and service. We are dedicated to providing excellent quality and outstanding customer service to meet our clients' needs. We believe that a people-centered core value is the key to success, so we always prioritize the customer experience in our work.


Maximize the quality, lower cost and delivery the greater value to clients.

We Designed with your needs in mind and we work to maximize the quality of our building materials, lower costs to deliver greater value, enhance the management level and observe internal quality assurance programs and external third-party inspection processes to guarantee the quality of every project.


Become the first choice for the construction solutions in every people’s life.

Build quality and make life great for people.


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We are proud to be a member of the finest construction organizations in Canada.

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  • Custom House
  • House Addition/Extension
  • Multiplex
  • Garden/Laneway House
  • Home Remodeling/Renovation
  • Construction Management


  • New development
  • Office Renovation
  • Retail stores Renovation
  • Clinic Renovation
  • Restaurant Renovation
  • Warehouse Renovation
  • Hospital Renovation
  • Hotel Renovation
  • School Renovation

Real Estate Investment

Our Founder


Max Wang

Max Wang is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Milargro Constrution. He graduated from the Bachelor of Urban and rural planning at Northwest A&F University in China. While in China, Max has been worked for Xi'an Municipal Bureau of Urban Planning and Administration for 8 years. He comes from a family with a long history in construction industry. Growing up in such a professional environment, Max has a strong academic background and professional experience in construction industry.

In 2017, Max founded Milargro with a commitment to constantly learning about new industry technologies and embracing advanced management concepts. His life motto is "Whatever you do, do it a 100%".

Milargro aims to innovate in technology while helping clients to lower costs, maximize value, and create perfect building solutions that can be implemented effectively. Max aspires that he and Milargro team can create more construction solutions in Canada in the future that can help improve people's life.

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We know the value of the co-broker community. You're there for your clients, and we're happy to partner with you to get them the dream place they're looking for.